Top 10 Mixtapes of 2010

It’s been a minute since I posted, but I’m back with my top ten mixtapes of 2010.
Honorable Mention: Air Swell- Chiddy Bang, Longterm 2- Ab-Soul, Funeral Music 2-Fabolous and Grizzly City V. 3- Fashawn
10. Vizzy Zone- XV
The kid with the green back pack, as XV has come to be known as, has made a name for himself through his somewhat unconventional style. His tape Vizzy Zone, stands apart from many other mixtapes this year in that its subject matter and rhyming style are dissimilar to those of other young rappers. He is definitely a rapper to watch in 2011.
9. Movies On Demand- Consequence

Consequence originally gained recognition as Kanye’s prodigy, but he has long since begun to make his own name. With his confidence on the mic paired with a tape chock full of strong features, Movies on Demand is hard to overlook. Cons creates a tape that does not dissapoint.
8. Overly Dedicated-Kendrick Lamar

Coming of the hype from his first tape, Kendrick seemed to be a rapper to watch in 2010. He remained in the public eye with rumors f his collaboration with Dre. However, his most notable contribution this year, came in the form of a mixtape.
7. K.I.D.S.-Mac Miller

For many, 2010 was the first time being introduced to this teenager from the Burgh. He quickly found his niche with a younger demographic, and his K.I.D.S. tape stayed in constant rotation with high-school and college kids everywhere. Look forward to his sound to continue maturing in 2011.
6. Brake Lights-Game
After Game introduced his new sound on The Red Room, it felt like he still had some perfecting to do. Brake Lights saw the maturation of his more raspy sound and featured some potent features from guests like Snoop and Nas. Ultimately, Game proved he is still a force that commands respect in the rap game.
5. Mood Muzik 4- Joe Budden
Jump Off Joey has made a name for himself through the success and critical acclaim his Mood Muzik series has received. Mood Muzik 4 lives up to its name, as Budden shows off his more emotional side while still maintaining the strength of his bars. The tape is a solid culmination to the series. It is the end, right?
4. Kush & Orange Juice- Wiz Khalifa
After effectively putting Pittsburgh music back on the map with his previous tapes, Wiz had a solid hype to live up when Kush & OJ was released. It was immediately apparent, however, that Wiz would not only live up to the hype, but also shatter expectations with one of his best tapes to date. Wiz seems to be in the driver seat in 2011, so look for the young dude to be making moves.
3. Smokee Robinson- Curren$ y
Alongside fellow young gun Wiz Khalifa, Spitta has helped to reignite the stoner rap flame once sparked by rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Dre. Smokee Robinson is filled with weed references and sneaker mentions over new and classic beats, the result is a tape that is just as potent as the tree Curren$ y packs his doobies with.
2. More About Nothing- Wale
Wale caught the ear of plenty rap connoisseurs with his Seinfeld inspired, Mixtape About Nothing. Still, few people expected him to release a sequel, let alone one that out does its predecessor, but Wale does just that. More About nothing is jam packed with strong verses and catchy hooks that keep this tape in constant rotation.
1. J. Cole- Friday Night Lights
J. Cole has never released an album. We have no clue when he plans to release one. Why do people like him so much then? The answer to this question is far too simple, J. Cole releases incredible mixtapes. While other rappers put their efforts towards albums, J. Cole throws himself into his tapes. There is not a song on Friday Night Lights that is worth skipping For this reason, his fan base is rapidly expanding and he has the number one mixtape of 2010.

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