Improve the Perfomance of Our Sexuality


Mr. P and Miss V – When we talk about any act pertaining to sex, performance is a key area on the part of both the individuals involved. A good performance comes naturally to people, in general. However, there are many who are suffering from problems like fear, lack of confidence and anxiety which leads to under performing during sexual activity. Such problem are mainly witnessed while having the most important part of sexual act, yes, I am talking about nothing but sexual intercourse.

In order to have a long lasting and satisfying sexual intercourse one can elaborate myriad activities but the best one is to Be yourself while indulging in sexual intercourse. This, however, is easier said than done for large number of people who are facing problem with their sexual health. Fear of under performing can lead to losing focus from the current sexual activity and how can you expect yourself to perform better in the task when you are not concentrating on it.Traits like self-confidence and concentration are very important for mens health therefore, one must try to improve them in order to have better sexual encounters. Self-confidence includes a belief that you’ll be able to perform better, a belief that the partner finds you attractive, and a feeling that the partner has good intentions. If one of the partners routinely belittles or threatens the other, such confidence can be undermined. So, partners must be mutually confidant on each others performances.To achieve peek performance it is essential for both the partners are to be fully aroused which might involve all kinds of naughty physical as well as mental stimulations. In order for stimulation to be arousing, it is necessary for a person to be able to pay attention to it. If someone is unfocused by thoughts of possible letdown or a lack of self-confidence or has concerns about how the partner is reacting, this will distract from the arousing sexual activity.Any couple experiencing repeated failures in sexual performance should consider seeking help. As medical problems can cause sexual dysfunction, the family doctor is a good starting point for discussion of these problems. A psychotherapist might be needed to explore marital and psychological issues that could be contributing to your problem. Thus, one must take right steps and right time to overcome fear and anxiety in order to boost ones sexuality. See: 10 Benefits Of Having Regular Sex.

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